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Mr Karma Productions was founded by David Scott, a passionate audio engineer with a flair for creating emotive visual content.

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Our purpose is to change the rules of video advertising online: We want to level the playing field in marketing so all businesses regardless of size can resonate with their market.

We believe every business and charity should be able to reach, excite and engage their audience - so we cover all aspects of digital marketing in-house, with a special focus on video production, to ensure you can stand out from the crowd and get incredible and professional results regardless of your marketing budget.

And it is because of this approach that we won the 2021/22 Production Company of the Year at the Corporate LiveWire Scotland Prestige Awards. So whether your aim is to generate more leads online, to simply boost your social media following, or to tell a story through the magic of video, we are here to provide an exceptional service at a competitive rate.

Our team has a vast range of experience and history in Sales & Marketing, which is why we constantly execute creative videography for small independent companies as well as corporate video production for international and global scale businesses.

This enables our videographers to deliver the best results for your brand, grab the attention of your market, and help you stand out from the crowd in style!

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Standing tall among film production companies Glasgow, we are excited about using our expertise to help you market yourself.

Our team and videographers in Glasgow have a wealth of digital marketing experience whether we're talking about fun and memorable ads, film, or documenting and reporting for corporate video production.

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We are a one-stop media solution.

We offer fantastic storyboarding, videography and shooting, effects, post-production, colour grading, audio recording, mixing, mastering, creative direction, general content creation and more.

As one of the top production companies in Glasgow, each service we offer comes with a promise of professional quality and attentional to detail.

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Video Production

We conceptualise, capture and create music videos, documentaries, and online or broadcast and television advertising for companies and charities of all sizes and sectors. And our videographers can do this in any style that you require, from light and fun to professional or even world-class.

We can cover the full production process from concept to filming, post-production editing and visual effects. Our videographers collaborate with each client to develop stylish video content that effectively appeals to and engages with their target market.

We don’t just film projects – our focus is on capturing amazing stories and moments and offering viewers a whole experience when they watch your content.

Digital Marketing

Our team are experts at making sure your adverts reach your intended market.

As one of the few Glasgow production companies that specialise in both creating content and effectively distributing that content, our digital marketing services are powerful in generating the leads and traffic that your business or charity needs.

We can create winning videography and advertising campaigns with Google PPC, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and SEO.


Do you have a storyboard idea for an advertisement or a series of videos?

Our videographers in Glasgow are experts in every part of the film and video-making process. We can provide consultation on every detail from script-writing to equipment and logistics – to put your mind at ease and find the best video solution for your budget. We are also able to provide creative direction and advice on your film ideas.

From small businesses to TV production companies in Glasgow, our consulting services are available to you – no matter where in the UK you reside, north or south of Edinburgh or beyond.


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[Please note: All of the audio in the film testimonials below is recorded and mastered in-house by Mr Karma Productions.]

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Our video production company Glasgow is here for all of your content needs in Scotland and the UK, whether you are in Glasgow, Edinburgh, central Scotland, or beyond.

Get in touch with us for any video production and digital marketing enquiries using the form below or mailing or calling us at the details below.

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